Why Choose Us

Established in 2012 , Lumos Marketing Group is a privately owned direct marketing, sales, and consulting company in Dallas, TX. We help our clients leave footprints in new markets, new cities and countries by developing the best leaders in the industry.

Our approach at Lumos is to provide our fortune 100 and Non-Profit clients with a young, vibrant & 100% committed face-to-face acquisition service in our B2B, B2C, and Events & Promotions campaigns that will gain vast results. Providing customers with details about our client’s products on a personal level as opposed to the use of mail-drops or call centers, allows us to measure results more effectively. Customers are also able to make a more

informed & educated decision. Together this results in one thing: Customer & Client satisfaction.

During the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lumos utilized our time at home innovating new strategies for our clients and how best to approach their customers now that personal contact had become more challenging. Now that the majority of our team has chosen to become vaccinated, and all are practicing safe personal protection, we are back to doing what we love: Managing client/customer relationships in-person!

The fun, enthusiastic environment which Lumos has always promoted is still alive and well post-lockdown. We strive to keep our employees and partners engaged and excited in their day-to-day lives! Whether in the office, at team events, or customer acquisitions meetings, Lumos extends its friendly atmosphere to everyone.