Core Values & Philosophy

Internal & Organic Growth

At Lumos Marketing Group, we believe that no one should have to train their manager or supervisor! If you have ever worked in a position where you grew frustrated or bored of

being passed over for promotions due to seniority or favoritism, then you may consider challenging that typical corporate structure! If you are brought on board to the LMG Team, you will be guaranteed an opportunity to be trained from the ground up with an equal opportunity to grow into a management role regardless of past experience. Our cross training programs ensure that every member of our group becomes a master in sales, fundraising, marketing promotions and branding!


Lumos Marketing is like a Family! We pride ourselves on making team members feel comfortable sharing ideas and empowering them to make internal changes! We have been awarded special accolades for Encouraging New Ideas, and strongly feel each team member has something of value to bring to the table! There is always something new to learn and room for individual and group development. Our company goals can only come to fruition once our team’s individual needs are met!

Diversity & Inclusion

LMG is committed and dedicated to making our team members feel comfortable, included, and to act with agency in their roles. We stand together as a whole and accept one another for who we are as human beings. We believe in equality and justice for all regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic backgrounds. Diversity of culture and experiences also allows for more variety in innovative thoughts and exchange of creative ideas.


Our company culture at Lumos thrives in an open-door policy. We are a private company, which allows us to stay true to our core values no matter the climate of the rest of the world. No trade secrets, no seniority, no favoritism. Any team member who has questions on how to grow within will be met with enthusiasm from upper management!


Lumos wants to be the ‘light’ that guides all of its team members to greater success. We do this by guaranteeing everyone 100% internal, organic growth. Each employee can start at entry level and grow into management and leadership roles based on merit and